Iniciativa de la Unión Europea para la protección social, el trabajo y el empleo



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SOCIEUX+ apoya a los países en su lucha contra la pobreza, la exclusión social, la vulnerabilidad y la desigualdad

La labor de SOCIEUX+

Desde 2013, SOCIEUX ofrece asistencia técnica a 138 países en 185 áreas diferentes para promover sistemas de protección social inclusivos y políticas de empleo justas

Últimas noticias de SOCIEUX+


SOCIEUX+ in Peru: Promoting green jobs

SOCIEUX+ EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment is giving support to Peru’s Ministry of Labour and Promotion of Employment (MTPE) in its policy to promote green jobs for young people and the more vulnerable sectors of society.


SOCIEUX+ in the news

The Spanish National Radio RNE broadcasted a program devoted to SOCIEUX+ and its Labour and Employment area. Listen it here and discover more about our principles, goals and activities.


SOCIEUX+ in Zimbabwe: Financing Health Insurance

Over the past two decades, Zimbabwe has implemented various health financing reforms. Some of the most significant reforms have concerned the response to the AIDS pandemic, while others have addressed critical gaps in reproductive...


SOCIEUX+ in Panama: Outlining public policies for addressing multidimensional poverty

In Panama, the ways to measure well-being and poverty have followed the trends in the CELAC and the World Bank since the 1970s. Recently, however, in June 2017, the government of Panama adopted ...