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Share your Expertise

SOCIEUX+ welcomes experts and their home institutions to join us in our effort to strengthen institutional capacities and policies in social protection, employment and labour.

We aim to mobilise expertise and promote collaboration between the public administrations and mandated bodies of EU Member States. In the framework of our cooperative triangular actions, we also seek to collaborate with institutions in EU Partner Countries to spread regional best practices and expertise.

Experts mobilised by SOCIEUX+ have the opportunity to acquire valuable experience and personal development by working on all steps of our technical assistance actions, from the preparation of missions and the initial contacts with partner institutions to the delivery of outputs and follow-up of  results.

EU Member States public administrations and mandated bodies can also join our efforts by becoming collaborative institutional partners of SOCIEUX+.

Call for Experts

Country Call for Experts Status Docs.
Colombia17-26/COL/3.3.sub.1/1 - Experto/a en extensión de la cobertura de protección socialOpen

Cambodia18-04/CAMB/1.2/1 - Expert in Management of Social Protection SystemsOpen

Cambodia18-04/CAMB/1.2/2 - Expert in Social Protection Financial Governance and AdministrationOpen

Lao PDR18-11/LAOS/1/1 - Expert in management of Health Insurance SchemesOpen

Lao PDR18-11/LAOS/1/2 - Expert in Quality of Health SystemsOpen

Mexico16-16/MEX/3/2 - Experto/a en Planificación estratégica, diseño e implementación de políticas públicas, diseño de indicadores y relación con sistemas de informaciónOpen

Mexico16-16/MEX/3/1 - Experto/a en coordinación interinstitucional (multinivel), diseño y evaluación de políticas públicas (benchmarking, planes de mejora)Open

Zimbabwe 17-27/ZIM/3.3/1 - Public Expert in Public HealthOpen

Zimbabwe17-27/ZIM/3.3/2 - Expert in building institutional and public-private partnershipsOpen

Togo17-39/TOG/2/1 - Expert en santé publiqueOpen

Togo7-39/TOG/2/2 - Expert en économie de la santéOpen

Colombia17-26/COL/3.3.sub.1/2 - Experto/a en monitoreo de políticas y programas públicosOpen

Peru17-12/PER/2/2 - Experto/a del sistema de protección social belgaClosed

Peru17-12/PER/2/1 - Experto/a del sistema de protección social alemánClosed

Peru17-09/PER/2.4/2 - Experto/a en economía verde, economía social, reciclaje y tratamiento de los desechos sólidosClosed

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The Guide for Experts provides important information about SOCIEUX+ and the role of experts within our technical assistance actions, as well as the financial entitlements and logistical arrangements offered by SOCIEUX+.

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