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Share your Expertise

Are you an expert in social protection, labour or employment? Be part of our roster of experts and join us. Find here all the opportunities and apply directly.

SOCIEUX+ welcomes experts and their home institutions to join us in our effort to strengthen institutional capacities and policies in social protection, employment and labour. 

Experts mobilised by SOCIEUX+ have the opportunity to acquire valuable experience and personal development by working on all steps of our technical assistance actions.

EU Member States public administrations and mandated bodies can also join our efforts by becoming collaborative institutional partners of SOCIEUX+.

Call for Experts

Country Call for Experts Status Docs.
Panama17-32/PAN/3/1 Experto/a en diseño de programas de reducción de la pobrezaOpen

Panama17-32/PAN/3/2 Experto/a en costeo de programas en el área social Open

Panama17-32/PAN/4/1 Experto/a en micro-simulaciones aplicadas a políticas socialesOpen

Panama17-32/PAN/4/2 Experto/a en TI con experiencia en micro-simulaciones Open

Mexico16-16/MEX/4/1 Experto/a en coordinación interinstitucional (multinivel)Open

Mexico16-16/MEX/4/2 Experto/a en planificación estratégica, diseño e implementación de políticas públicasOpen

Mexico18-15/MEX/1/2 Experto/a en Administración de la Seguridad SocialOpen

Mexico18-15/MEX/1/1 Jurista de la Seguridad SocialOpen

Togo17-39/TOG/3/1 Economiste de la santéOpen

Togo17-39/TOG/3/2 Expert en renforcement de capacités d’agents publicsOpen

Tanzania18-30/TANZ/1/1 Trainer on occupational safety and social health insurance (HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER)Open

Tanzania18-30/TANZ/1/2 Trainer on Occupational safety and social health insurance (REGIONAL FACILITATOR)Open

Cambodia18-04/CAMB/2/1 Expert in Management of Social Protection SystemsOpen

Cambodia18-04/CAMB/2/2 Expert in Social Protection Financial Governance and AdministrationOpen

Cambodia18-28/CAMB/1/1 Expert in Management of Pension SchemesOpen

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The Guide for Experts provides important information about SOCIEUX+ and the role of experts within our technical assistance actions, as well as the financial entitlements and logistical arrangements offered by SOCIEUX+.

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