Actions en Burundi

  • Training on the pension systems and a capacity development needs assessment

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    Partner Institution
    National Pensions and Occupational Risks Office
    Type of Assistance
    Individual capacity building (human resources development)
    The National Office for Pensions and Occupational Risk (ONPR) for civil servants, magistrates and judicial personnel implements contributory pensions, vocational hazards and associated benefit social insurance in Burundi since 2010. The ONPR faced challenges of efficiently managing increasing expansion of the scheme including at organisational level. To address these challenges, experts mobilised by SOCIEUX+ worked with their peers on the elaboration of an internal management strategy, the establishment of monitoring and control procedures, and the improvement of quality assurance mechanisms. The staff of ONPR, and other stake holding institutions in the area of pension, was to be trained key concepts of social protection to widen their understanding of the functioning of pension systems. Further, the intervention assessed and formulated recommendation on how to best respond to identified needs of the partner institutions for the efficient and effective management of the pension scheme.