Photo courtesy P. Bergas.



Peer to peer cooperation: Decent work plan for municipalities

A delegation from the Mancomunitat (association of municipalities) of Pla de Mallorca, Spain, will travel to Colombia from 15 to 19 July, 2019, to collaborate with the municipality of Girardota as part of the project to formulate a Municipal Plan for the Promotion of Decent Work. This activity is supported by the European cooperation initiative SOCIEUX+, which promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences between public administrations in the areas of social protection and employment, from a peer-to-peer perspective.

The delegation is made up of Joana María Pascual Sansó, president of Mancomunitat Pla de Mallorca, Pedro Bergas, employment and local development agent at Mancomunitat Pla de Mallorca, and independent consultant Teresa Esteban Gasanz.

The experts will work together with their municipal counterparts in the final formulation and presentation of a pilot project on decent employment for Girardota, which will include measures to improve employability, entrepreneurship, job-search training, and social work support for vulnerable groups, together with indicators for monitoring, evaluating and supporting the policy.

This is the third and final phase of a project that began in April 2019, and which has mobilised a large number of actors and collaborators such as training centres, unions, employers, and public entities at the regional and national levels.

(SOCIEUX+ 2017-13 Colombia)