Actions in Djibouti

  • Supporting the implementation of the Social Protection Strategy on social safety nets

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    Partner Institution
    State Secretariat for National Solidarity [Secrétariat d’Etat auprès du Premier Ministre chargé à la Solidarité Nationale]
    Type of Assistance
    Organisational capacity building
    State Secretariat for National Solidarity (SESN) is a public entity directly attached to the Prime Minister of Djibouti. It coordinates the implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation processes of the national strategy for socioeconomic development "Vision Djibouti 2035". In 2013, Djibouti adopted a safety net-based National Social Protection Strategy [Stratégie Nationale « Filets Sociaux de Sécurité » 2013-17]. The Strategy, developed by SESN, serves as a road map for the design and implementation of social safety nets, the widespread promotion of employment and equity, and the strengthening of synergies between all stakeholders. For overseeing the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Strategy, the Inter-sector Committee for Social Protection. The Committee was to rely on a permanent technical secretariat, the STP-CI/PS, within the SESN. Mobilised experts contributed in the building of institutional capacities of the SESN and individual technical capacities of its key staff for the setting up of the STP-CI/PS. This was primarily by working with their peers on assessing existing capacities of the SESN, formulating their needs and appropriate responses for the setup of the STP-CI/PS.