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Acting Upon Inequality

2:30 h

An e-course designed for experts working with SOCIEUX+, and open to everyone interested

About the course

The SOCIEUX+ e-learning Acting upon inequality aims to sensitise and empower experts mobilised by the Facility to do no harm and to contribute to reduce social and economic inequality in their actions with partner institutions. Because inequality hinders the achievement of the SDG’s. Inequality is not only unjust, it is also the root cause of poverty. Moreover, limited inequality favours social cohesion, poverty reduction, sustainable growth and conflict sensitivity and is a way to mitigate biodiversity loss and climate change. Inequality is no longer seen as a necessary stage towards development. Inequality is the result of human-made choices and can be acted upon with a clever mix of policies that are implemented progressively over time. To act upon inequality, the topic needs to be top of mind and we need to keep our focus constantly and explicitly on it when designing policies and projects. It is important to carefully design policies and projects to avoid side effects, to assess who can benefit from universal and targeted policies and to understand interactions with other policies and life-events.

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