Iniciativas para la detección y tratamiento de la informalidad en el mercado de trabajo en América Latina: una visión desde SOCIEUX+


In the present international economic globalisation, technological and communication development scenario, inequality begins in the labour market and, in particular, in the distribution of salaries and jobs. In most of the countries there has been an increase in the inequalities in recent years. However, higher salaries and new job opportunities have boosted the reduction of inequalities.

The studies about the evolution of the income distribution during the last two decades have showed that the variation in the inequality has been closely linked to the labour market performance, which, at the same time, has responded to the development of economic cycles. Moreover, they conclude that in the design of strategies aimed to promote a greater equality, labour formality and education are required to be the key lines of action of the public policies to overcome the constraints on growth and equality.



Teresa Esteban

Publication date: April 2020

Languages: Spanish

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