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O trabalho de SOCIEUX+

Trabalho e emprego

Apoiamos os países nos seus esforços para conceberem e aplicarem estratégias e políticas de emprego eficazes, em relação a:

– Políticas e direito


, políticas ativas do mercado laboral, sistemas de informação, trabalho digno, trabalhadores, economia informal, relações e padrões laborais, e diálogo social.

-Políticas e serviços de


, formação profissional e desenvolvimento de competências.

Proteção social

Ajudamos os países a conseguir sistemas de proteção social mais equitaveis, inclusivos, eficientes e sustentáveis:

Segurança social:

pensões contributivas, saúde, acidentes, e subsídios de desemprego.

Assistência social:

programas de transferência de fundos, esquemas de garantia de rendimentos, pensões sociais e outras prestações de velhice, apoio à infância e as pessoas com deficiencias, obras públicas, serviços sociais.



“We are pleased to be partnering with SOCIEUX +. It has enabled us to deepen the studies on green jobs and the green economy in general for a better development of our country; the work of the experts amazed us.”

Mr Edmond Comlan Amoussou, Director General, National Employment Agency (ANPE), Togo.


“A very rewarding experience carried out in an interesting environment, marked by significant political and cultural difficulties but, nonetheless, absolutely worthwhile! SOCIEUX+’s approach is innovative and respectful of local diversity, promoting local ownership and processes at several levels.”

Andrea Lampis, Principal expert in Colombia (SOCIEUX+ action 2019-02).


“This professional experience allowed me to better understand and identify the training and professional integration needs of the country. My observation is that changes in the professional field are making themselves felt and becoming urgent for companies so that they can meet the needs of “tomorrow”. Professional integration only comes through training. SOCIEUX+ does a wonderful job in all sectors and its expertise, which perfectly meets the needs of partners, is highly appreciated by partners.”

Abdoulaye Sow, Technical expert in Côte d’Ivoire (SOCIEUX+ action 2018-22).


“Being able to participate as an expert in this international cooperation project has been an honor for me, and also a satisfaction because I have been able to present my knowledge and experience for the benefit of the citizens of Girardota through its Mayor’s Office, but also because I have acquired new knowledge on how to manage problematic situations related to the armed conflict and with the most vulnerable groups, through the implementation of socio-labor projects directly related to employment and decent work.”

Pedro Bergas Bassa, Technical expert in Colombia (SOCIEUX+ action 2017-33).

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