Actions in Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Capacity Building (Training) of Social Assistance Staff of implementation of the RISE Families Programme

    Start activities
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    Partner Institution
    Ministry of Social Development - Department of Social Services, Nevis Island Administration (NIA)
    Type of Assistance
    Individual capacity building (human resources development)
    Following an initial capacity assessment of the Department of Social Services of the Ministry of Social Development of Nevis, a proposal describing the training needs, the target group, the duration, the proposed training activities, was prepared by experts from Croatia and the United Kingdom. The following training involved case workers of the Restore, Inspire, Secure and Empower social-support Program (RISE) and included: engagement with people in need of assistance; people’s risk assessment; attitudes and professionalism of social workers; confidentiality; managing people’s anger; managing information and data; engagement with other public agencies; understanding family dynamics; assessing cases of child sexual abuse. Finally, experts summed up all materials, methods and information delivered throughout the training and compiled a practical manual that is now available to train the newly hired RISE Program case managers.