Visit to the Employment Center, Lima Metropolitana. Photo courtesy of the Directorate of Employment Promotion and Job Training.

One year later: understanding the added value and results of SOCIEUX+ cooperation in Peru


SOCIEUX+ actions are demand oriented, results driven, and targeted to the needs of partner institutions. Once the activities are completed, either in the field or online, regular short-term assessments are carried out. But, how can we measure the sustainability of an action and its results over time?  In 2021, SOCIEUX+ initiated a series of ex-post evaluations to answer that question. Presented here are the findings of the first ex-post evaluation of a SOCIEUX+ action conducted in Peru.

The studied action was designed to promote the employability of people living with disabilities in the labour market in Peru. Activities were carried out between June 2019 and December 2020 in partnership with the Peruvian Directorate for Promotion of Employment for People with Disabilities (known by its Spanish acronym DPLPCD) and Employment Centres (CEs), and included strengthening the technical capacities of DPLPCD and CE staff, consolidating training tools , and creating an action plan for promoting the employability of people with disabilities and improving their workplace conditions.

The ex-post evaluation looked at the effects of the action one year after completion, in November 2021, to assess its relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, likely impact, and complementarity. The evaluation included a desk review of relevant action documents, preliminary interviews with the two experts mobilised by SOCIEUX+ for the five activities, and a field visit which included observations at a CE in Lima and interviews with key staff from the partner institution (including the Director of DPLPCD), the CEs, and other relevant Institutions.

Nearly one year after the conclusion of activities, the evaluation shows how important results have been achieved. The staff of DPLPCD and regional CEs have strengthened their capacities in a sustainable way, and although staff turnover is high, they are able to train incoming staff on the new methodology developed with experts mobilised by SOCIEUX+. Staff from other departments have even become familiar with the methodology, increasing awareness about the labour rights of people with disabilities throughout the directorate.

DPLPCD and CEs have also implemented a number of initiatives aimed at improving the employment prospects of people with disabilities, including:

  • The design and launch of a new online job board for job seekers with disabilities, which features an inclusive layout, text reading, and sign language interpretation for audio materials (;
  • Virtual and in-person job fairs for private companies and people with disabilities;
  • CEs hiring job counsellors that have been specifically trained to provide services for people with disabilities;
  • The creation of ability-based templates for interviewing people with disabilities, for use at CEs and private companies;
  • The creation of an online register for people of working age with disabilities, which provides reliable data about this group to inform national, regional and local policies, trainings, and labour access.

Ultimately, the ex-post evaluation found that the tools and enhanced staff capacities created in partnership with DPLPCD contributed to the creation of more inclusive, effective, and sustainable frameworks and employment strategies for reducing inequality and vulnerability in Peru.


The SOCIEUX+ EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment Facility expands and improves access to better employment opportunities and inclusive social protection systems in EU Partner Countries through technical cooperation and knowledge development activities. Based on the peer exchange model, SOCIEUX+ facilitates the exchange of knowledge and good practices between EU Member States and partner institutions around the world through targeted, short-term activities. Its specific objective is to enhance partner countries’ capacity to design, manage, and monitor inclusive, effective and sustainable employment strategies and social protection systems.

SOCIEUX+ was established and funded through the European Commission’s Directorate for International Partnerships (DG INTPA) and is implemented by a partnership led by Expertise France, BELINCOSOC (Belgian International Cooperation on Social Protection), the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP), and the Belgian Development Agency (Enabel).

Visit to the Employment Center, Lima Metropolitana. Photo courtesy of the Directorate of Employment Promotion and Job Training.

Premises of the Directorate of Employment Promotion and Job Training. Photo: ADP.

New platform for job seekers with disabilities developed by the Directorate for Promotion of Employment for People with Disabilities.