Courtesy of videos and photographs: Spanish National Social Security Institute (INSS) SPAIN.

Peer cooperation: A Mexican delegation visits the Spanish Social Security Institute

A delegation from the Mexican Civil Service Social Security and Services Institute (ISSSTE) has visited the Spanish National Social Security Institute (INSS) to learn about the Spanish social security system, and specifically its electronic management and administration system.

The mission, organised by the SOCIEUX+ EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment, has allowed six Mexican officials to learn about and exchange experiences on electronic administration, file management, enforcement of judgements, workflow and the implementation of quality and improvement systems.

The Mexican Civil Service Social Security and Services Institute (ISSSTE) is responsible for providing social benefits for workers in the executive, legislative and judicial branches at the three levels of government (federal, state and municipal).

This study visit, which took place between the 17th and 21st September at the Spanish National Social Security Institute (INSS) offices in Madrid and Toledo, was the culmination of the joint work carried out between the two institutions, which began in 2017 when experts from the Spanish National Social Security Institute (INSS) visited Mexico, within the SOCIEUX+ programme.

On video

The representative from the Mexican ISSSTE, Rosario Guadarrama, considers that the visit “has met and exceeded expectations, and will allow the working tools used by the Spanish Social Security to be transferred to Mexico”.


For his part, the lawyer in charge of the Legal Service of the National Institute of Spanish Social Security (INSS), Andrés Trillo, includes this study visit in Madrid in the work previously done between both institutions and SOCIEUX+, and comments on the working agenda.


The social protection coordinator of SOCIEUX+, Gian Luca Portacolone, explains how this European initiative works and talks about peer cooperation.



SOCIEUX+ EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment is a technical cooperation instrument established and co-funded by the European Union.

Based on the peer exchange model, SOCIEUX+ shares European knowledge and experiences through short-term missions, usually carried out by experts from different public administrations.

SOCIEUX+ offers assistance to more than 140 countries in the areas of social protection and employment policies. It is an on-demand programme, which responds to the needs of each country by organising tailor-made activities.

The initiative is implemented by an association led by Expertise France (EF), with the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP), the Belgian International Cooperation on Social Protection (BELINCOSOC) and the Belgian Technical Cooperation (Enabel).