Seminar on tools and good practices for social dialogue in Peru

SOCIEUX+ has participated in an International Seminar on concepts, tools and good practices for the institutionalisation of social dialogue in Peru, organised by the National Council for Labour and Employment Promotion (CNTPE) of the Peruvian Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion.

The seminar, held on 1 and 2 June 2021, provided a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the different actors involved in social dialogue processes in Peru, and included more than 150 participants. The seminar was opened by the Minister of Labour and Employment Promotion, Javier Palacios, and the Head of the European Union Delegation to Peru, Diego Mellado, who highlighted different joint cooperation actions and the work carried out with SOCIEUX+.

Jordi García Viña, professor of labour law at the University of Barcelona, and Óscar Molina Romo, professor of labour relations and social dialogue at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, both experts in social dialogue and labour conflict resolution, were mobilised by SOCIEUX+ for this event. At the conference, they exchanged experiences with their counterparts on methodologies, techniques, and tools for good approaches to institutional social dialogue via a practical presentation. They also addressed the challenges of social dialogue in the context of the current health and economic crises, the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenges of utilising digital tools for social dialogue.

The seminar was part of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the reinstatement of CNTPE, a tripartite body for social dialogue. The CNTPE intends to increasingly carry out activities that strengthen its ability to manage social dialogue and labour concertation, especially in the post-pandemic context.

(SOCIEUX+ 2020-34 Peru)