Photo courtesy of Actiris Brussels.

SOCIEUX+ and Actiris sign cooperation agreement

SOCIEUX+ and Actiris, the Public Employment Service for Brussels, have signed a collaborative agreement to jointly implement international cooperation activities in the fields of social protection, labour and employment policies.

The agreement was signed on February 26 by Grégor Chappelle, General Director of Actiris, and Hervé Conan, Deputy Director General of Expertise France, leader of the partnership that implements SOCIEUX+.

Among the activities included in the agreement are the mobilisation of experts, employees, and other staff at Actiris with substantial experience that could benefit partner countries and their institutions within the framework of SOCIEUX+ activities.

About Actiris

Actiris, the Public Employment Service for Brussels, implements regional employment policy.

Actiris works with Brussels employers and jobseekers, with a special focus on vulnerable groups (NEETs, young people, older workers, etc.) as well as those affected by the digital divide, long-term unemployment, and/or with specific needs related to health, social exclusion, or discrimination.

As part of its contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Actiris shares its experience and expertise by contributing to capacity building projects through technical assistance to counterparts and partner institutions.


SOCIEUX+ EU expertise on social protection, labour and employment, is a facility for technical cooperation between public and social partners peers, established and co-funded by the European Union, France, Belgium, and Spain.

Based on the peer exchange model, SOCIEUX+ shares knowledge and experiences through short-term missions and activities. Since its inception in 2013, SOCIEUX+ has implemented more than 300 activities in 46 countries, with over 9,000 days of cooperation activities.

SOCIEUX+ is implemented by a partnership led by Expertise France, BELINCOSOC (Belgian International Cooperation on Social Protection), the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP), and the Belgian Development Agency (Enabel).