Photo courtesy of DGUV.

SOCIEUX+ and DGUV extend their collaborative agreement

German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and SOCIEUX+ have extended their collaboration agreement to jointly promote international cooperation activities. SOCIEUX+ and DGUV share the common objective of promoting good practices for social protection, labour and employment policies and systems from EU Members States. As a result of the former agreement,, DGUV and SOCIEUX+ have jointly implemented activities in Malawi, Nigeria and Tanzania. Thus far in their relationship, more than ten SOCIEUX+ missions have been carried out by experts from DGUV in countries such as Malawi, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

The collaborative agreement was signed on December 16, 2020, by Stefan Hussy, Director General of DGUV, and Hervé Conan, Deputy Director General of Expertise France, the lead agency of the partnership that implements SOCIEUX+.

During the signing ceremony, Hervé Conan acknowledged the hard work, high-level expertise, and commitment of DGUV’s experts, as well as their availability during the pandemic to work remotely.

Likewise, Stefan Hussy explained that the knowledge and experience DGUV experts gain during their SOCIEUX+ missions also improves the accident insurance system in Germany; hence the cooperation is a great benefit for both partners.

About DGUV

Founded in 1884, the German social accident insurance is one of the five pillars of the German social insurance system. In accordance with German Social Code No. 7, German social accident insurance covers workers, students, pupils and volunteers against accidents in the workplace, commuting accidents and occupational diseases.

DGUV is the umbrella association for the nine German social accident insurance institutions for trade and industry organised according to branch responsibility, and 24 accident insurance institutions for the public sector. The social accident insurance institutions are run by social partners as not-for-profit organisations and financed only by employer contributions. They are liable for workplace health and safety, medical treatment including rehabilitation, inclusion at work and in society, and compensation including pensions.


SOCIEUX+ EU expertise on social protection, labour and employment, is a facility for technical cooperation between public and social partners peers, established and co-funded by the European Union, France, Belgium, and Spain.

Based on the peer exchange model, SOCIEUX+ shares knowledge and experiences through short-term missions and activities. Since its inception in 2013, SOCIEUX+ has implemented more than 275 activities in 45 countries, with a total of 8,169 days of cooperative activities.

SOCIEUX+ is implemented by a partnership led by Expertise France, BELINCOSOC (Belgian International Cooperation on Social Protection), the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP), and the Belgian Development Agency (Enabel).