SOCIEUX+ Extends Network of Focal Points

SOCIEUX+ EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment is extending its network of Focal Points and invites public institutions and social partners from the 27 EU member states to be part of this network.

Public institutions and social partner organisations with relevant expertise in social protection systems and/or employment policies may register as SOCIEUX+ Focal Points by completing a simple questionnaire. They will receive alerts and notifications of new SOCIEUX+ activities as soon as they are published.

The network of SOCIEUX+ Focal Points includes national, regional, and local public institutions, academic organisations and centres of excellence, and leading social partners.

SOCIEUX+ Focal Points serve as voluntary points of contact between the institution’s network and the SOCIEUX+ Facility. They are invited to play a connecting role in the mobilisation of public expertise, by disseminating the Facility’s Calls for Experts and collaborating on the identification of relevant expertise for SOCIEUX+ activities.

SOCIEUX+ missions are normally of short-term duration – one to two weeks ­– and can be carried out on site or remotely. More than 155 partner countries are eligible. The experts are mobilised normally in two-person teams coming from different institutions. More details on the mobilisation of experts can be found in our Guide for Experts and Collaborative Institutions.