Images courtesy of UNDP and UNICEF Armenia.

SOCIEUX+ in Armenia: Sharing good practices in disability assessment

Armenia is in the process of transforming the way in which disability is assessed. The objective is to shift from a medical to a bio-psychological model of disability assessment, based on the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF).

SOCIEUX+ mobilized two public sector experts from the ICF Hellenic Team and the Athens University of Applied Sciences in Greece to support the introduction of a human rights-based approach to disability assessment and eligibility rules, in line with WHO ICF in Armenia, based on a request for assistance received by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

As a first step, the SOCIEUX+ experts helped the partner and other thematic stakeholders – relevant ministries, practitioners and civil society organizations – take into account the practical implications of the transition towards an ICF-based approach. They then showcased EU cases and experiences relevant to the ICF transition model during bilateral technical consultations as well as in a seminar co-organized with UNDP and UNICEF Armenia, which gathered a selection of operators in the field of disability.

As a result of the mission, experts produced a brief note on the experiences of Greece and Cyprus, and other EU cases, relating to the adoption of the ICF approach to disability assessment and eligibility rules, and its implications in terms of policy, technical endeavors, impact on beneficiaries, and budgeting. The report includes an analysis of how the transition will affect the public provision of assistance to people with disabilities, and the need for adequate integration policies for social and professional inclusion.


SOCIEUX+ 2017-38 ARMENIA, ACT. 1 (26/02 – 09/03/2018)