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SOCIEUX+ supports countries in their fight against poverty, social exclusion, vulnerability and inequality


Since 2013, SOCIEUX offers technical assistance to 138 countries in 185 different areas to promote inclusive social protection systems and fair employment policies

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SOCIEUX+ in Zimbabwe: Financing Health Insurance

Over the past two decades, Zimbabwe has implemented various health financing reforms. Some of the most significant reforms have concerned the response to the AIDS pandemic, while others have addressed critical gaps in reproductive...


SOCIEUX+ in Panama: Outlining public policies for addressing multidimensional poverty

In Panama, the ways to measure well-being and poverty have followed the trends in the CELAC and the World Bank since the 1970s. Recently, however, in June 2017, the government of Panama adopted ...


SOCIEUX+ in Armenia: Sharing good practices in disability assessment

Armenia is in the process of transforming the way in which disability is assessed. The objective is to shift from a medical to a bio-psychological model of disability assessment...


SOCIEUX+ in Saint Lucia: Facilitating National Health Insurance

Saint Lucia has been considering the introduction of a universal health coverage scheme. The government has expressed the need for a national health insurance scheme as a means of...