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Are you an expert in social protection, labour or employment? Be part of our roster of experts and join us. Find here all the opportunities and apply directly.

SOCIEUX+ welcomes experts and their home institutions to join us in our effort to strengthen institutional capacities and policies in social protection, employment and labour. 

Experts mobilised by SOCIEUX+ have the opportunity to acquire valuable experience and personal development by working on all steps of our technical assistance actions.

EU Member States public administrations and mandated bodies can also join our efforts by becoming collaborative institutional partners of SOCIEUX+.

Call for Experts

Country Call for Experts Docs. Status
Cameroon 19-33/CMR/1- 2 Experts en Services publics de l’emploi et emploi des jeunesdocumentApply Now
Nigeria 20-22/NGA/1-Expert in Education and TrainingdocumentApply Now
Nigeria 20-22/NGA/1-Expert in Social ServicesdocumentApply Now
Colombia20-18/COL/FFM-Experto/a en Empleo informaldocumentApply Now
Colombia 20-18/COL/FFM-Experto/a en Acceso a la proteccion socialdocumentApply Now
Rwanda20-28/RWA/1-Expert in Survey, data collecting and data analysisdocumentClosed
Tanzania, United Republic of 20-19/TNZ/1 - Expert in Access to Education; Access to other Basic Social ServicesdocumentClosed
Tanzania, United Republic of20-19/TNZ/1- Expert in Rights of The ChilddocumentClosed
Colombia19-02/COL/3 - Experto/a en Gestión de datos en ámbito publicodocumentClosed
Colombia19-02/COL/3 - Experto/a en políticas de asistencia social y reducción de la vulnerabilidaddocumentClosed
Nigeria19-13/NGA/4.2 - 2 Experts in Occupational Safety and Health prevention policies (road and traffic)documentClosed
Palestinian Authority20-11/WGB/1.1 - Expert in Organizational capacities for public administrationsdocumentClosed
Palestinian Authority20-11/WGB/1.1 - Expert in Individual capacities for public administrationsdocumentClosed
Thailand19-21/THA/1 - Expert in informal employment and social dialoguedocumentClosed
Thailand19-21/THA/1 - Expert in informal sector and Employment data analysisdocumentClosed
Thailand19-21/THA/1 - National Expert in Employment data analysis and employment diagnosticdocumentClosed
Peru 18-09/PER/3.1 - 2 Expertos/as en diseño de instrumentos de evaluación y monitoreo de la implementación de los Lineamientos Nacionales de Políticas de Formación ProfesionaldocumentClosed
Tanzania, United Republic of19-35/TZN/1 - Experts in Law and administration of work injuries and occupational diseases insurance schemesdocumentClosed
Tanzania, United Republic of19-35/TZN/1 - Experts in Medical rehabilitation of work injuries and occupational diseasesdocumentClosed
Tanzania, United Republic of20-03/TZN/1 - Expert in Management Information Systems designdocumentClosed
Tanzania, United Republic of20-03/TZN/1 - Expert in Educational policiesdocumentClosed
Congo, Democratic Republic of20-06/RDC/1 - Expert(e) en Mutuelles de santé et assurance santédocumentClosed
Congo, Democratic Republic of20-06/RDC/1 - Expert(e) en Santé publiquedocumentClosed
Benin17-34/BEN/3 - Expert(e) en Services publics de l’emploi ; emploi des jeunes ; organisation et offres de services en termes d’accès à l’emploi, de formation, d’entreprenariat ; organisation du travaildocumentClosed
Benin17-34/BEN/3 - Expert(e) en Services publics de l’emploi ; Organisation de la mise en oeuvre de politiques de l’emploi et d’insertion professionnelle; Formation de formateurs ; formalisation de plans de formation interne aux structures SPEdocumentClosed
Cambodia 2020-09/KHM/1-Expert in international disability policies documentClosed
Cambodia 2020-09/KHM/1- Expert in social protection in disability policiesdocumentClosed
Palestinian Authority19-24/WGB/1 - Expert in Multi-dimensional poverty analysisdocumentClosed
Palestinian Authority19-24/WGB/1 - Expert in Poverty-reduction strategies, including cash transfersdocumentClosed
Peru18-07/PER/3.2 - Experto/a en Políticas de formación profesional y formación dualdocumentClosed

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The Guide for Experts provides important information about SOCIEUX+ and the role of experts within our technical assistance actions, as well as the financial entitlements and logistical arrangements offered by SOCIEUX+.

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