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SOCIEUX+ targets public authorities and mandated bodies in charge of social protection, labour and employment at national and local levels in EU Partner Countries. More precisely, the following public and semi-public sector bodies are considered eligible: central governments, ministries, legislative councils; regional governments; mandated bodies; and, other institutions responsible for the implementation or provision of social protection, labour and employment issues. Partner institutions should have mandates in the sectors covered by SOCIEUX+..

SOCIEUX+ can also cooperate with social partners engaged in social dialogue which influences political and development agendas. This could include trade unions, employer and worker organisations and associations, umbrella organisations, and others. These stakeholders should also be involved in actions that benefit other partner institutions, to ensure the completion and sustainability of SOCIEUX+ actions.

Actions can be implemented in the 138 partner countries covered by the EU development and cooperation instruments in (see here the full list of countries):

 European Neighborhood 

 Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

 Latin America, Asia and the Middle East

How to Apply


Complete the Request Form in English, French or Spanish.


 Attach relevant supporting documents.


Sign and date the request.


Send it by email, letter or upload it.

Read the Guide

The Guide for Partner Country Institutions provides key information about SOCIEUX+, the areas covered and the possible types of intervention. It also contains detailed information on how request assistance, the financial and the logistical aspects of the organisation of Actions and Activities.

Available in EN, ES, FR and PT


Download the Request Form

Complete the SOCIEUX+ Request Form for partner institutions to formally submit a technical assistance request.

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